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 The Atheros range of chipsets are made by [Atheros Communications|]. There is good support for them in linux through the MADWiFi project. 
+!!Linux support  
+Some distros will support this out-of-the-box -- for example, in  
+[Ubuntu] 5.04 and later, the packaged kernel and the <tt>linux-restricted-modules</tt> package provides support.  
+If your distro does not distribute non-[Free] drivers, you will need to install the driver from source.  
+You will need to download and compile an external module (not part of the vanilla linux kernel) from But you should still have a kernel with CONFIG_NET_RADIO support (as described on the WirelessChipsets page). When this module is loaded, <tt>ifconfig -a</tt> should show a device called "ath0". Note that this driver also has a binary-only component which will taint your kernel.  
 * [MADWifi homepage|]