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7 JohnMcPherson 1 Apple is a computer hardware and software corporation. Founded in 1976, it has a reputation for innovation. Apple introduced the [Macintosh] computer in 1984.
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9 AristotlePagaltzis 3 It was started by SteveJobs and [Steve Wozniak |], who were bored and had garages.
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5 Their headquarters are in the suburb of Cupertino, near San Jose. (Part of the area known as SiliconValley).
7 Some analysts say that the entire evolution of the PC can be viewed as an effort to catch up with the Apple Macintosh.
9 In addition to inventing new technologies, Apple also has often been the first to bring sophisticated technologies to the personal computer. Apple's innovations include:
9 AristotlePagaltzis 11 * [GUI]s. First introduced in 1983 on its Lisa computer. Many components of the Macintosh [GUI] have become de facto standards and can be found in other operating systems, such as MicrosoftWindows.
6 CraigBox 12 * Color. The Apple II, introduced in 1977, was the first personal computer to offer color monitors.
9 AristotlePagaltzis 13 * Built-in networking . In 1985, Apple released a new version of the Macintosh with built-in support for networking (~LocalTalk).
14 * Plug & play expansion. In 1987, the Mac II introduced a new expansion bus called ~NuBus that made it possible to add devices and configure them entirely with software.
6 CraigBox 15 * QuickTime. In 1991, Apple introduced QuickTime, a multi-platform standard for video, sound, and other multimedia applications.
16 * Integrated television. In 1993, Apple released the Macintosh TV, the first personal computer with built-in television and stereo CD.
9 AristotlePagaltzis 17 * [RISC]. In 1994, Apple introduced the Power Mac, based on the [PowerPC] [RISC] microprocessor.
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9 AristotlePagaltzis 19 See also:
20 * [Apple History |]
21 * AppleiBusinessTrend
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