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 The Samba system is based upon a stock standard RedHat 9 system with the samba software upgraded to Samba3 (using RPM) 
 The following steps are needed to get the system functioning: 
+# install and check necessary packages  
 # configure name resolution using either dns or a hosts file 
 # configure samba and winbindd 
 # configure kerberos 
 # testing Samba and winbindd 
 # good luck 
+!! Install and Check necessary packages  
+The following packages are required to sucessfully run all the commands detailed in this guide:  
+# redhat-config-samba (or system-config-samba)  
+# samba-common  
+# samba-client  
+# samba  
+# pam_krb5  
+# krb5-workstation  
+# krb5-libs  
+# krbafs  
+You can query if these packages are installed by running:  
+rpm -q package-name  
 !! Configure name resolution 
 Active Directory relies HEAVILY on DNS to resolve not only host names but services they provide as well. To set up DNS on the Linux box, see the DNSHowTo, otherwise consult necessary Windows documentation on setting up forward AND reverse DNS zones. 
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  winbind enum users = yes 
 8. store your winbind credentials with wbinfo --set-auth-user=DOMAIN\\administrator%password 
+NOTE: This step may fail with one or more of the following errors:  
+ could not obtain winbind separator!  
+ could not obtain winbind domain name!  
+Should you receive either or both errors, it is because winbind is not currently running continue with the remaining steps and return to this step after winbind has been started.  
 9. modify /etc/pam.d/samba (on woody) or the appropriate pam file to add "sufficient" for auth and account using These need to go BEFORE the calls for samba. My /etc/pam.d/samba is as follows: