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 This is an impossible scenario with classic owner/group/others permissions. You can't have two groups that need two different permissions. With ACLs you can! While other Unices have had their own versions of ACLs (eg solaris has setfacl and getfacl), some of the Linux filesystems (eg reiserfs and ext2) now support them, and the 2.6 series of kernels makes some attempts to standardise the ACL methods. 
+Debian Sarge comes with acl-enabled kernel and ACL utilities, but the utilities have to be installed.  
+To install them (as root) enter:  
+# apt-get install acl  
+If you are using an older or a customized distribution, please make sure to check the basic requirements:  
 The basics for using ACLs on ext2/3 partitions are: 
 * Having a patched kernel to allow it (get the 2.4 patch from or run [LinuxKernel2.6]) 
 * Having the ACL utilities