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-Advanced Micro Devices; makers of the [32bit ] [Athlon], Thunderbird, Duron etc product lines, and the [64bit] Athlons and Opterons (see [amd64]). All these chips are [x86] compatible
+An [Acronym ] for __A__dvanced __M__icro __D__evices
-See [] 
+[AMD |] are one of the big player companies in the computer hardware business and the only serious [Intel] competitor left in the [ia32] [CPU] market. They have also designed an [64bit] extension to [ia32] called [amd64]. While their [CPU]s are the prestigious part of [AMD]'s business, their actual moneymaker is flash memory chips, a market which they rule.  
-Their CPUs are in general faster than the Intel equivalent at the same clock speed; they have taken to the horrible trend of labelling their CPUs with a 'performance rating'; ie an Athlon XP 1800+ runs at 1533Mhz. 
+Their [ia32] chips are called [Athlon] and Duron. Because [ Intel] was thumping "true Megahertz" as a measure of the chip's performance, [AMD] took to labelling these chips with the clockspeed of the [Pentium] they 're roughly as fast as. This is known as "Quantispeed" means that, f.ex, an Athlon XP 1800+ actually runs at 1533Mhz.  
+[AMD]'s [amd64] chips are called Opteron and Athlon64. The [amd64] spec has since been adopted by [Intel] for use in their desktop [64bit] [CPU]s