3Com Dual Link ADSL (USB or Ethernet, you choose). Nice modems, work well in Linux once you agree on a PPPoE frame type, see 3ComDualLinkPPPoE.

Heres a config file you can past to it via serial, this is set-up for Telecom NZ

add user root password SECRET

set system name "3ComDualLink" set system contact "My Name" set system location "My House"

add port ISP set port ISP vpi 00 vci 100 pcr 0 network PPP enable port ISP

recon ip network ip address set dhcp mode disabled

add snmp comm public access ro address set adsl wire inner save all

Replace SECRET with the password you want root to have when telnetting in, with the IP you want the modem to have (to telnet to), with the IP of the box doing SNMP queries. /C specifys a Class C, or 24bit CIDR netmask.