We had a quick committee meeting.

Committee members: JohnBillings, RoderickAldrige?, BruceKingsbury, StephenHeywood?, TomButz?


Financial report

We have 526.44


Report on Software Freedom Day

Roderick made a report to members present about Software Freedom Day and asked for feedback and we had an informal discussion about what WLUG should be doing in the future.

October presentation

18th due to October, Stephen will present Inkscape.

Someone needs to check the room is booked - John

WLUG server

Need to write thank you letters. To Orcon and Jamie.

Organising the AGM

22nd November

Need an agenda

Need to announce AGM on mailing list.

Mention that we are looking for new committee members.

Need to figure out what to do if there is not enough to make quorom. Need to be understand processes and be ready for meeting.

Email old members, contact irc people. "Wake up call"

Find out what requirements are as far as membership is concerned for new people who want to join the committee who may have not been members in the past year.

Finding committee members/officeholders, future direction of the WLUG

incorporate into email/communication about agm

General business

The current committee agrees to increase the amount of money paid to Te Whanu Patuhi for the monthly workshop, to help pay for bandwidth. $50 for the remainder of the year. Bruce, raised Rod seconded. Committee agrees.

meeting closed at 9:32

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