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Welcome to the Waikato Linux Users Group Wiki!

About WLUG

You can learn more about us on the WlugIntro page. Current events and are listed on the MeetingTopics page, or in the sidebar to the right (click the Display Sidebar button above if you cannot see this).

WLUG's Online Documentation

About this Wiki

The WlugWiki mainly aims to be a repository of instructions and operative knowledge. Unlike sites like Wikipedia, it does not aim to be an authoritative reference like on the What and Why of everything. Reference material on this wiki is not usually exhaustive, does not necessarily attempt to be neutral, and will likely contain opinions and sometimes unsubstantiated claims; in general, links to external resources should be included where appropriate. The WLUG wiki focuses on the How. It collects Notes on how to set up, configure and use things, tips on how to get more out of them, and the like. It is also a social platform for participants; some pages may be humourous or even silly, and we like them that way.

A Wiki is a WebSite that allows anyone (including you) to modify just about any page. Read our WikiIntro page if you haven't used wikis before.

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