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 For the impatient, try this: 
-The __ xscreensaver-demo__ (1) program should pop up a dialog box that lets you experiment with the xscreensaver settings and graphics modes. 
+The xscreensaver-demo(1) program should pop up a dialog box that lets you experiment with the xscreensaver settings and graphics modes. 
 __Note:__ unlike xlock(1), xscreensaver has a 
 client-server model: the ''xscreensaver'' program is a 
 daemon that runs in the background; it is controlled by the 
-foreground __ xscreensaver-demo__ (1) and  
-__ xscreensaver-command__ (1) programs. 
+foreground xscreensaver-demo(1) and  
+xscreensaver-command(1) programs. 
 The easiest way to configure ''xscreensaver'' is to 
-simply run the __ xscreensaver-demo__ (1) program, and 
+simply run the xscreensaver-demo(1) program, and 
 change the settings through the GUI. The rest of this manual 
 page describes lower level ways of changing 
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 If a line begins with a dash (-) then that particular 
 program is disabled: it won't be selected at random (though 
 you can still select it explicitly using the 
-__ xscreensaver-demo__ (1) program.) 
+xscreensaver-demo(1) program.) 
 If all programs are disabled, then the screen will just be 
 made blank. 
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 You can control a running screensaver process by using the 
-__ xscreensaver-command__ (1) program (which 
+xscreensaver-command(1) program (which 
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 there is no ''~/.xscreensaver'' file yet.) 
 To change your power management settings, run 
-__ xscreensaver-demo__ (1) and change the various timeouts 
+xscreensaver-demo(1) and change the various timeouts 
 through the user interface. Alternately, you can edit the 
 ''~/.xscreensaver'' file directly. 
 If the power management section is grayed out in the 
-__ xscreensaver-demo__ (1) window, then that means that 
+xscreensaver-demo(1) window, then that means that 
 your X server does not support the XDPMS extension, and so 
 control over the monitor's power state is not 
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 running as a normal, unprivileged user. 
 For more information on the X server's access control 
-mechanisms, see the man pages for __ X__ (1),  
-__ Xsecurity__ (1), xauth(1), and 
+mechanisms, see the man pages for X(1),  
+Xsecurity(1), xauth(1), and 
 !!USING GDM(1) 
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 The easiest way to use ''xscreensaver'' on a system with 
 CDE is to simply switch off the built-in CDE screensaver, 
 and use ''xscreensaver'' instead; and second, to tell the 
-front panel to run __ xscreensaver-command__ (1) with the 
+front panel to run xscreensaver-command(1) with the 
 ''-lock'' option when the ''Lock'' icon is 
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 This associates the VUE front panel ``Lock'' icon with the xscreensaver lock command. 
-The __ xscreensaver-command__ (1) program is a perfect 
+The xscreensaver-command(1) program is a perfect 
 candidate for something to add to your window manager's 
-popup menus. If you use mwm(1), __ 4Dwm__ (1), 
+popup menus. If you use mwm(1), 4Dwm(1), 
 twm(1), or (probably) any of ''twm'''s many 
 descendants, you can do it like this: 
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 __3. Add the menu__ 
-For mwm(1) and __ 4Dwm__ (1), find the section of 
+For mwm(1) and 4Dwm(1), find the section of 
 the file that says ''Menu !DefaultRootMenu''. For 
 twm(1), it will probably be ''menu 
 ''. If you add a line somewhere in that 
 menu definition that reads 
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 __Attention, window manager authors!__ 
-You should only call __ XInstallColormap__ (3) in response 
+You should only call XInstallColormap(3) in response 
 to user events. That is, it is appropriate to install a 
 colormap in response to __!FocusIn__, __!FocusOut__, 
 __!EnterNotify__, and __!LeaveNotify__ events; but it is 
 not appropriate to call it in response to 
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 over a phone line) then the screensaver might not turn off 
 right away when the user becomes active again (the 
 ico(1) demo has this problem if being run in 
 full-speed mode). This can be alleviated by inserting 
-strategic calls to __ XSync__ (3) in code intended for use 
+strategic calls to XSync(3) in code intended for use 
 as a screensaver. This prevents too much graphics activity 
 from being buffered up. 
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 Unfortunately, there is no way for xscreensaver itself to 
 override the interpretation of these keys. If you want to 
 disable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace globally, you need to set the 
 ''!DontZap'' flag in your ''/etc/X11/XF86Config'' file. 
-See the __ XF86Config__ (5) manual for 
+See the XF86Config(5) manual for 
 There is no way (as far as I can tell) to disable the 
@@ -1814,16 +1814,16 @@ 
-__ X__ (1), __xscreensaver-demo__(1),  
-__ xscreensaver-command__ (1),  
-__ xscreensaver-gl-helper__ (1), xdm(1),  
-xset(1), __ Xsecurity__ (1), xauth(1), 
+X(1), __xscreensaver-demo__(1),  
+xscreensaver-gl-helper(1), xdm(1),  
+xset(1), Xsecurity(1), xauth(1), 
 xhost(1). ant(1), atlantis(1), 
 attraction(1), blitspin(1), 
 bouboule(1), braid(1), bsod(1), 
-__ bubble3d__ (1), bubbles(1), cage(1), 
+bubble3d(1), bubbles(1), cage(1), 
 compass(1), coral(1), critical(1), 
 crystal(1), cynosure(1), 
 decayscreen(1), deco(1), deluxe(1), 
 demon(1), discrete(1), distort(1), 
@@ -1837,20 +1837,20 @@
 julia(1), kaleidescope(1), kumppa(1), 
 lament(1), laser(1), lightning(1), 
 lisa(1), lissie(1), lmorph(1), 
 loop(1), maze(1), moebius(1), 
-moire(1), __ moire2__ (1), __morph3d__(1), 
+moire(1), moire2(1), __morph3d__(1), 
 mountain(1), munch(1), noseguy(1), 
 pedal(1), penetrate(1), penrose(1), 
 petri(1), phosphor(1), pipes(1), 
 pulsar(1), pyro(1), qix(1), 
-__ rd-bomb__ (1), rocks(1), rorschach(1), 
+rd-bomb(1), rocks(1), rorschach(1), 
 rotor(1), rubik(1), sierpinski(1), 
 slidescreen(1), slip(1), sonar(1), 
 sphere(1), spiral(1), spotlight(1), 
 sproingies(1), squiral(1), stairs(1), 
 starfish(1), strange(1), 
-superquadrics(1), swirl(1), __ t3d__ (1), 
+superquadrics(1), swirl(1), t3d(1), 
 triangle(1), truchet(1), vines(1), 
 wander(1), worm(1), xflame(1), 
 xjack(1), xlyap(1), xmatrix(1), 
 bongo(1), ico(1), xaos(1), 
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