xawtv - a X11 program for watching TV


xawtv [ options? [ station name?


xawtv is a simple program for watching TV with your linux box. It uses the Athena widgets. xawtv supports the bttv driver, V4L (Video4Linux, included in 2.2.x) and the Xvideo extention.

xawtv reads the config files /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xawtvrc and $HOME/.xawtv at startup. Settings in the personal config file will overwrite the options from the global config file. These files holds the available TV stations and a few settings like TV norm. You have to create the config file yourself, see below for details.


-h, -help
Print a short desctiption of all command line options.
-f, -fullscreen
startup in fullscreen mode.
-n, -noconf
don't read the config file ($HOME/.xawtv).
-o, -outfile base
set basestring for the snapshot output files. The filename will be "base-timestamp-nr.ext".
-c, -device device
set video4linux device (default is /dev/video).
-c, -xvport number
set Xvideo port (defaults to the first usable).
-v, -debug level
Be verbose, level may be 0 (default), 1 or 2. It exists just for debugging and trouble-shooting.
X11 display is remote. This basically disables overlay mode, you might need this if xawtv failes to autodetect a remote X11 display.
-b, -bpp n
force xawtv into n bpp color depth. Works for switching between 15/16 and 24/32 bpp. This gets just passed throuth to v4l-conf(1)?.
-shift n
Shift the video display by n bytes. Try this if your video display is'nt within the xawtv window. This gets passed throuth to v4l-conf(1)? too.
Use the framebuffer device to determine the video framebuffer address (instead of the DGA extention). Yet another pass through argument.
enable/disable the usage of the Xvideo extention (for overlay), default is on.
enable/disable the usage of the Xvideo extention (for hardware scaling in grabdisplay mode), default is on.
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