tftp - trivial file transfer program SYNOPSIS

tftp [host? DESCRIPTION

Tftp is the user interface to the Internet TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol), which allows users to transfer files to and from a remote machine. The remote host may be specified on the command line, in which case tftp uses host as the default host for future transfers (see the connect command below). COMMANDS

Once tftp is running, it issues the prompt and recognizes

the following commands

? command-name ...

Print help information.asciiShorthand for TFTP protocol, unlike the FTP proto-col, does not maintain connections betweeen trans-fers; thus, the connect command does not actuallycreate a connection, but merely remembers what hostis to be used for transfers. You do not have to usethe connect command; the remote host can be speci-fied as part of the get or put commands.get filenameget remotename localnameget file1 file2 ... fileNGet a file or set of files from the specifiedsources. Source can be in one of two forms: a file-name on the remote host, if the host has alreadybeen specified, or a string of the formhosts:filename to specify both a host and filenameat the same time. If the latter form is used, thelast hostname specified becomes the default forfuture transfers.mode transfer-modeSet the mode for transfers; transfer-mode may be oneof ascii or binary. The default is ascii.put fileput localfile remotefileput file1 file2 ... fileN remote-directoryPut a file or set of files to the specified remotefile or directory. The destination can be in one oftwo forms: a filename on the remote host, if thehost has already been specified, or a string of theform hosts:filename to specify both a host and file-name at the same time. If the latter form is used,the hostname specified becomes the default forfuture transfers. If the remote-directory form isused, the remote host is assumed to be a UNIXmachine.quitExit tftp. An end of file also exits.rexmt retransmission-timeoutSet the per-packet retransmission timeout, in sec-onds.statusShow current status.timeout total-transmission-timeoutSet the total transmission timeout, in seconds.traceToggle packet tracing.verboseToggle verbose mode.BUGS

Because there is no user-login or validation within the TFTP protocol, the remote site will probably have some sort of file-access restrictions in place. The exact methods are specific to each site and therefore difficult to document here. HISTORY

The tftp command appeared in 4.3 BSD .

Linux !NetKit? (0.17) August 15, 1999 1

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