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@@ -8,14 +8,12 @@
-ssh-keygen [[-q] [[-b bits] [[-t type] [[-N new_passphrase] [[-C  
- comment] [[-f output_keyfile] 
+ssh-keygen [[-q] [[-b bits] [[-t type] [[-N new_passphrase] [[-C comment] [[-f output_keyfile] 
-ssh-keygen -p [[-P old_passphrase] [[-N new_passphrase] [[-f  
- keyfile] 
+ssh-keygen -p [[-P old_passphrase] [[-N new_passphrase] [[-f keyfile] 
 ssh-keygen -i [[-f input_keyfile] 
@@ -25,10 +23,9 @@
 ssh-keygen -y [[-f input_keyfile] 
-ssh-keygen -c [[-P passphrase] [[-C comment] [[-f  
- keyfile] 
+ssh-keygen -c [[-P passphrase] [[-C comment] [[-f keyfile] 
 ssh-keygen -l [[-f input_keyfile] 
@@ -127,9 +124,11 @@
 Contains the protocol version 1 RSA authentication identity 
 of the user. This file should not be read- able by anyone 
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