snmptest - communicates with a network entity using SNMP Requests


snmptest -v 1 hostname community

snmptest [-v 2? hostname noAuth


Snmptest is a flexible SNMP application that can monitor and manage information on a network entity.

The hostname specification may be either a host name or an internet address specified in ''

The version 1 and version 2c community specifies the community name for the transaction with the remote system.

After invoking the program, a command line interpreter proceeds to accept commands. It will prompt with:

Please enter the variable name:

At this point you can enter one or more variable names, one per line. A blank line is a command to send a request for each of the variables (in a single packet) to the remote entity. Each variable name is given in the format specified in variables(5)?. For example

snmptest zeus zeusMS zeusAgent Variable: system.sysdescr.0 Variable:

Will return some information about the request and reply packets, as well as the information:

system.sysDescr.0 = ''

Upon startup, the program defaults to sending a GET Request packet. This can be changed to a GET NEXT Request or a SET Request by typing the commands

The command

The command

When in the

Please enter variable type [i?:

requests the type of the variable be entered. Type At this point a value will be prompted for:

Please enter new value:

If this is an integer value, just type the integer (in decimal). If it is a string, type in white-space separated decimal numbers, one per byte of the string. Again type a blank line at the prompt for the variable name to send the packet.

At the variable name line, typing

Adding a

Adding a


variables(5)?, RFC 1155, RFC1156, RFC1157, SNMP Security Internet Drafts

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