smbcontrol - send messages to smbd or nmbd processes


smbcontrol [ __-i__?

smbcontrol [ __destination__? __message-type__? [ __parameter__?


This tool is part of the Sambasuite.

smbcontrol is a very small program, which sends messages to an smbd(8)or an nmbd(8)daemon running on the system.



Run interactively. Individual commands of the form destination message-type parameters can be entered on STDIN. An empty command line or a


One of nmbd smbd or a process ID.

The smbd destination causes the message to ''

The nmbd destination causes the message to be sent to the nmbd daemon specified in the file.

If a single process ID is given, the message is sent to only that process.


One of: close-share, debug, force-election, ping , profile, debuglevel, profilelevel, or printer-notify.

The close-share message-type sends a message to smbd which will then close the client connections to the named share. Note that this doesn't affect client connections to any other shares. This message-type takes an argument of the share name for which client connections will be close, or the

The debug message-type allows the debug level to be set to the value specified by the parameter. This can be sent to any of the destinations.

The force-election message-type can only be sent to the nmbd destination. This message causes the nmbd daemon to force a new browse master election.

The ping message-type sends the number of

The profile message-type sends a message to an smbd to change the profile settings based on the parameter. The parameter can be

The debuglevel message-type sends a

The profilelevel message-type sends a

The printer-notify message-type sends a message to smbd which in turn sends a printer notify message to any Windows NT clients connected to a printer. This message-type takes an argument of the printer name to send notify messages to. This message can only be sent to smbd.

The close-share message-type sends a message to smbd which forces smbd to close the share that was specified as an argument. This may be useful if you made changes to the access controls on the share.


any parameters required for the message-type


This man page is correct for version 2.2 of the Samba suite.


__nmbd(8)?, and smbd(8)__.


The original Samba software and related utilities were created by Andrew Tridgell. Samba is now developed by the Samba Team as an Open Source project similar to the way the Linux kernel is developed.

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