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 ;[ENOTSOCK]: The argument ''s'' is a file, not a socket. 
 ;[ENOPROTOOPT]: The option is unknown at the level indicated. 
 ;[EFAULT]: The address pointed to by ''optval'' is not in a valid part of the process address space. For getsockopt(2), this error may also be returned if ''optlen'' is not in a valid part of the process address space. 
 ;[EINVAL]: The optlen or the option you are trying to set is invalid. 
+;[EADDRNOTAVAIL]: The level isn't applicable for this option.  
 SVr4, 4.4BSD (these system calls first appeared in 4.2BSD). SVr4 documents additional [ENOMEM] and [ENOSR] error codes, but does not document the __SO_SNDLOWAT__, __SO_RCVLOWAT__, __SO_SNDTIMEO__, __SO_RCVTIMEO__ options 
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