readlink - display target of symbolic link on standard out- put SYNOPSIS

readlink [-fn? file DESCRIPTION

The readlink utility when invoked with the pathname of a symbolic link as its argument dereferences the symbolic link and prints the name of target on standard output. If read- link is invoked with an argument other than the pathname of a symbolic link, it exits with a non-zero exit code without printing anything.

The following options are available
  • f

Using realpath(3), canonicalize by following every sym-link in every component of the given path recursively.Note that the resultant pathname might not exist,-nDo not print a trailing newline character.The readlink utility exits 0 on success or NOTE

Debian packages using readlink in maintainer scripts must depend on debianutils SEE ALSO

readlink(2) realpath(3) HISTORY

The readlink utility first appeared in Open BSD .

BSD August 18, 1997 1

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