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perlfaq - frequently asked questions about Perl ($Date: 1999/05/23 20:38:02 $)


The perlfaq is structured into the following documents:

perlfaq: Structural overview of the FAQ .

This document.

perlfaq1: General Questions About Perl

Very general, high-level information about Perl.

What is Perl?

Who supports Perl? Who develops it? Why is it free?

Which version of Perl should I use?

What are perl4 and perl5?

What is perl6?

How stable is Perl?

Is Perl difficult to learn?

How does Perl compare with other languages like Java, Python, REXX , Scheme, or Tcl?

Can I do [task? in Perl?

When shouldn't I program in Perl?

What's the difference between ``perl and ``Perl?

Is it a Perl program or a Perl script?

What is a JAPH ?

Where can I get a list of Larry Wall witticisms?

How can I convince my sysadmin/supervisor/employees to use version 5/5.005/Perl instead of some other language?

perlfaq2: Obtaining and Learning about Perl

Where to find source and documentation to Perl, support, and related matters.

What machines support Perl? Where do I get it?

How can I get a binary version of Perl?

I don't have a C compiler on my system. How can I compile perl?

I copied the Perl binary from one machine to another, but scripts don't work.

I grabbed the sources and tried to compile but gdbm/dynamic loading/malloc/linking/... failed. How do I make it work?

What modules and extensions are available for Perl? What is CPAN ? What does CPAN/src/... mean?

Is there an ISO or ANSI certified version of Perl?

Where can I get information on Perl?

What are the Perl newsgroups on Usenet? Where do I post questions?

Where should I post source code?

Perl Books

Perl in Magazines

Perl on the Net: FTP and WWW Access

What mailing lists are there for Perl?

Archives of comp.lang.perl.misc

Where can I buy a commercial version of Perl?

Where do I send bug reports?

What is Perl Mongers?

perlfaq3: Programming Tools

Programmer tools and programming support.

How do I do (anything)?

How can I use Perl interactively?

Is there a Perl shell?

How do I debug my Perl programs?

How do I profile my Perl programs?

How do I cross-reference my Perl programs?

Is there a pretty-printer (formatter) for Perl?

Is there a ctags for Perl?

Is there an IDE or Windows Perl Editor?

Where can I get Perl macros for vi?

Where can I get perl-mode for emacs?

How can I use curses with Perl?

How can I use X or Tk with Perl?

How can I generate simple menus without using CGI or Tk?

What is undump?

How can I make my Perl program run faster?

How can I make my Perl program take less memory?

Is it unsafe to return a pointer to local data?

How can I free an array or hash so my program shrinks?

How can I make my CGI script more efficient?

How can I hide the source for my Perl program?

How can I compile my Perl program into byte code or C?

How can I compile Perl into Java?

How can I get #!perl to work on MS-DOS ,NT,...??

Can I write useful Perl programs on the command line?

Why don't Perl one-liners work on my DOS/Mac/VMS system?

Where can I learn about CGI or Web programming in Perl?

Where can I learn about object-oriented Perl programming?

Where can I learn about linking C with Perl?

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