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-This card was working under debian using http: // but I set it up a long time ago, and I had already compiled my own kernel so I don't know how easy or hard it would have been with a stock kernel.  
-I'm now working on it under ubuntu - zcat  
+!Wireless PCI Adaptor RT2400 / RT2460  
 * lists a way to build the driver. 
+ (that's rt2500 which possibly isn't the same thing, and I found it quite hard to follow)  
 * implies it should be in Hoary anyway! 
+ (But it doesn't appear to be)  
+[Get the sources|] and unpack them somewhere appropriate (I'll assume /usr/src/)  
+Then, as root;  
+ apt-get -y install gcc linux-headers-`uname -r`  
+ cd /usr/src/rt2400-1.2.1/Module  
+ make && make install  
+ echo "alias ra0 rt2400" >> /etc/modules.conf  
+After this you should be able to set up ra0 under /etc/network/interfaces, the same procedure as any other WiFi card.  
+There's also some Utilities included; they require c++ (apt-get install g++) and qt-x11, and I'm having trouble getting them to build but they're not required to get the card working.