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 !Philips SAA7130 Video Broadcast Decoder 
 See TvTunerCards for Linux support of Philips saa7134-based cards. 
+You can also use the card for its RadioTuner.  
+Marketed (probably not exclusively, but cheaply) as Compro ~VideoMate TV PVR:  
+ options saa7134 tuner=48 card=40  
+is the modprobe incantation that makes it work for me. - DouglasBagnall  
+For saa7134-based ~FlyVideo 2000 cards. (Tuner=5 is for PAL-BG, used in NewZealand), try using:  
+ options saa7134 card=3 tuner=5  
+in /etc/modprobe.d/<somewhere>.  
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