Silicon Images SiL3112A PCI card

This card is a DickSmith card which has FireWire, USB2 and SATA on in my case and is is listed as Rev 02 in my lspci(8) -n output -- IanMcDonald

FedoraCore 1 recognises this hardware when booting from CD. It will also will happily install/boot to/from a 160 GB SATA HDD from CDROM after it recognises and configures the Silicon Images PCI card.

It seems that there's a 2.4.x patch, the driver is in 2.6, and there's a binary driver provided as well. Read about the SiL3112A Linux driver thread at LinuxQuestions.

I didn't get this going with Debian Sarge installer until I put linux26 on the command line as this controller doesn't work well under Linux 2.4.27. I had problems building a custom Kernel with this. The reason for this is because it was compiled as a Module rather than built in. See SATA for more details on this.


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