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 __-E__ ''file'', __--equalizer__ 
-Enables equalization, taken from ''file'' 
+Enables equalization, taken from ''file''. File format is  
+32 lines with two floating point values on each, first  
+value for left channel, second for right. First line  
+corresponds to lowest frequency band, 32nd to highest.  
 __-T__, __--realtime__ 
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 MPEG audio decoding requires a good deal of CPU performance, 
 especially layer-3. To decode it in realtime, you should 
-have at least a Pentium, Alpha, SuperSparc or equivalent 
+have at least a Pentium, Alpha, ! SuperSparc or equivalent 
 processor. You can also use the __-singlemix__ option to 
 decode mono only, which reduces the CPU load somewhat for 
 layer-3 streams. See also the __-2__ and __-4__ 
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