/.micq/micqrc - The configuration file for micq DESCRIPTION

This manual page describes the configuration file for micq. It consists of several sections that are started by [section?, where section is the name of the section. CONNECTIONS

A Connection section describes a connection within ICQ. Typ- ically, there are two of them, that are related to each other: a connection to the ICQ server, and a connection to listen to peer to peer communication.

type type [auto?

Set the connection type to type, which can beserver for a connection to the ICQ server, orpeer for a connection listening to peer to peercommunication. If auto is given, create this con-nection on startup. You presumable want to dothis, unless you have several UINs, then set thison the connection corresponding to this UIN youare using.version nrSet the version of the protocol used for thisconnection to nr. Please note that for serverconnections, only version 5 is supported, though8 is planned, and for peer to peer connectionsonly 6.server serverSet the server to connect to to server. Thisdefaults to Unused for peer to peerconnections.port portSet the port to connect on the server to port, orthe port to listen on for peer to peer connec-tions to port.uin UINSet the UIN to log in with to UIN. Unused forpeer to peer connections.password [password?Se the password to log in with to password.Unused for peer to peer connections. If omitted,ask for password on startup.status nrSet the status to be on log in in to nr. Statuscan be:0 Online1 Away5 Not Available17 Occupied19 Do Not disturb32 Free for Chat256 InvisibleGENERAL

This section includes the options for SOCKS 5, that may be eventually moved to their own section, general options, and some strings to override.

s5_use number

Set number to 0 to disable and 1 to enable.s5_host hostConnect to socks 5 proxy on host host.s5_port portConnect to socks 5 proxy listening on port port.s5_auth numberSet number to 0 to omit authentification and 1 todo authentification.s5_name nameIdentify as user name to socks 5 proxy.s5_pass passwordAuthenticate with password password to socks 5proxy.Now the options:verbose levelSet the verbosity level on startup to level.auto_away timeSet the time to set status to away after to timeseconds. Set to 0 to disable.Screen_width widthSet the default screen with to width. If unsetor 0, 80 will be used. This is rarely needed asusually the current screen width can be deducedon runtime.set delbs on|offIf set to on, let the delete character act as abackspace. When off, let it act as a delete char-acter.set russian on|offDisable or enable Russian character conversionbetween koi8-r/u and cp1251.set japanese on|offDisable or enable Japanese character conversionbetween Shift-JIS and EUC.set funny on|offDisable or enable STRINGS

This sections contains command renames.

alter old new

Rename command old to new. Note the old name maystill be used, unless it conflicts with some newname. For posible command names, see micq(7). This option may be repeated as desired.


This section contains the contact list.

[? [~? uin nick

Make user with UIN uin known under the nick nick.If is given, the user may see you while you'reinvisible. If is given, ignore this user andlet him see you as always offline.Note: the contact list has to be the last part of this file.SEE ALSO

micq(1), micq(7) Author

This man page was written by James Morrison . It was rewritten to match new config file syntax by R .

MICQRC(5)? February 15, 2002 1

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