liloconfig - interactive configure script for lilo




liloconfig is an interactive program which will ask you a series of questions and write a __lilo.conf(5)? configuration file for you. It will also set up the Master Boot Record (MBR) so that Linux will boot from hard disk. It is normally run automatically whenever you upgrade the lilo(8)__ Debian package.

The configuration file generated by liloconfig is intended for common installations; if your setup is complicated or unusual you should consider writing your own customised lilo.conf. To do this you should refer to the comprehensive lilo documentation, which can be found in /usr/share/doc/lilo/ on Debian systems.

If you have already written your own lilo.conf then the script will ask you if you wish to keep it, in which case it will check it for options which are incompatible with the current version of lilo and run lilo to install the boot block.

If you have no lilo.conf or choose to overwrite it, liloconfig will perform three operations to ensure that the Linux system will boot from the hard disk: install LILO in the Linux partition's boot record, install a simple MBR, and mark the Linux partition as the active partition. You will be prompted prior to each of these operations, so you can skip them and perform them manually later on.

The automatically generated lilo.conf contains helpful comments, so it might well be a good place to start even if you wish to roll your own configuration file.


Bruce Perens Bernd Eckenfels and Vincent Renardias

Peter Maydell ( wrote this manual page.


lilo(8), lilo.conf(5)

lilo comes with extensive documentation; this can be found in /usr/share/doc/lilo/ on Debian systems.

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