libtool - Provide generalized library-building support services.


libtool [__ ''OPTION'' __? ... [__ ''MODE-ARG'' __? ...


The `libtool' program provides a standard way to generate both static and shared libraries. It hides the complexities of platform-specific library generation behind an interface that is the same across all platforms supported by libtool.


libtool accepts the following options:

Display libtool configuration variables and exit.
Dump a trace of shell script execution to standard output. This produces a lot of output, so you may wish to pipe it to `less' (or `more') or redirect to a file.
-n | -dry-run
Don't create, modify, or delete any files, just show what commands would be executed by `libtool'.
Display basic configuration options. This provides a way for packages to determine whether shared or static libraries will be built.
Same as -mode=finish .
Display a help message and exit. If -mode=MODE is specified, then detailed help for MODE is displayed.
-mode= MODE
Use MODE as the operation mode. By default, the operation mode is inferred from the MODE-ARGS .

If MODE is specified, it must be one of the following:

clean Remove files from the build directory
compile Compile a source file into a `libtool' object.
execute Automatically set the library path, then run a program.
finish Complete the installation of libtool libraries.
install Install libraries or executables.
link Create a library or an executable.
uninstall Remove libraries from an installed directory.
Same as `-silent'.
Don't print informational messages.
Use configuration variables from tag TAG
Print version information.

The MODE-ARGS are a variable number of arguments, depending on the selected operation mode. In general, each MODE-ARG is interpreted by programs libtool invokes, rather than libtool itself.


libtoolize(1)?, automake(1) `libtool', `libtoolize' and `automake' are fully documented via the Info system.


This manual page was created by Ossama Othman <ossama @>. It is based on the "Invoking Libtool" menu entry in the `libtool' TEXINFO documentation, and the output from the -help option. It was updated for Libtool 1.5 by Scott James Remnant <scott @>.

This page is a man page (or other imported legacy content). We are unable to automatically determine the license status of this page.

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