panic: Loss of soft watchdog db_log_stack_trace_cmd(c103a040) at db_log_stack_trace_cmd+0x39 panic(c0fa3fc8,c962cd34,c10287c0,c1f15b60,c962ccf0) at panic+0x128 statclock(c962cd34) at statclock+0x154 rtcintr(c962cd34) at rtcintr+0x47 intr_execute_handlers(c10287c0,c962cd34,88089304,d6b196b2,c2d8eebd) at intr_execute_handlers+0xd1 atpic_handle_intr(8)? at atpic_handle_intr+0x97 Xatpic_intr8() at Xatpic_intr8+0x20 --- interrupt, eip = 0x8807fefb, esp = 0xbfbed270, ebp = 0xbfbed498 --- KDB: enter: panic thread pid 66 tid 100051? Stopped at kdb_enter+0x37: pushl $-0x1

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