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joe - Joe's Own Editor


joe [global-options? [ [[local-options? filename ]...

jstar [global-options? [ [[local-options? filename ]...

jmacs [global-options? [ [[local-options? filename ]...

rjoe [global-options? [ [[local-options? filename ]...

jpico [global-options? [ [[local-options? filename ]...


JOE is a powerful ASCII-text screen editor. It has a

JOE also emulates several other editors. JSTAR is a close immitation of !WordStar? with many

Although JOE is actually five different editors, it still requires only one executable, but one with five different names. The name of the editor with an

JOE is free software; you can distribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. I have no plans for turning JOE into a commercial or share-ware product. JOE is available over the Internet by anonymous FTP from, file: src/editors/joe*.tar.Z.


To start the editor, type joe followed by zero or more names of files you want to edit. Each file name may be preceeded by a local option setting (see the local options table which follows). Other global options, which apply to the editor as a whole, may also be placed on the command line (see the global options table which follows). If you are editing a new file, you can either give the name of the new file when you invoke the editor, or in the editor when you save the new file. A modified syntax for file names is provided to allow you to edit program output, standard input/output, or sections of files or devices. See the section Filenames below for details.

Once you are in the editor, you can type in text and use special control-character sequences to perform other editing tasks. To find out what the control-character sequences are, read the rest of this man page or type ^K H for help in the editor.

Now for some obscure computer-lore:

The ^ means that you hold down the Control key while pressing the following key (the same way the Shift key works for uppercase letters). A number of control-key sequences are duplicated on other keys, so that you don't need to press the control key: ESC will work in place of ^

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