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 and should use the ``nowait'' entry. For datagram servers 
 which process all incoming datagrams on a socket and 
 eventually time out, the server is said to be 
 ``single-threaded'' and should use a ``wait'' entry. 
-Comsat (8) (biff(1)) and talkd(8) 
+comsat (8) (biff(1)) and talkd(8) 
 are both examples of the latter type of datagram server. 
-Tftpd (8) is an exception; it is a datagram server 
+tftpd (8) is an exception; it is a datagram server 
 that establishes pseudo-connections. It must be listed as 
 ``wait'' in order to avoid a race; the server reads the 
 first packet, creates a new socket, and then forks and exits 
 to allow inetd to check for new service requests to spawn 
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 Support for ''Sun-RPC'' based services is modelled after 
 that provided by ''SunOS 4.1''. 
-Linux NetKit .09 November 23, 1996 1 
+Linux ! NetKit .09 November 23, 1996 1 
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