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 This does not produce the most efficient code, but it should 
 work as a first measure. For better strategies, see the 
-groff info file and __ groff_tmac__ (5). 
+groff info file and groff_tmac(5). 
 Reading roff source files is easier, just reduce all double 
 backslashes to a single one in all macro 
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 quences of the form with characters x and y. Some 
 of these exist in the usual font while most of them are only 
 available in the special font. Below you'll find a selec- 
 tion of the most important glyphs; a complete list can be 
-found in __ groff_char__ (7). 
+found in groff_char(7). 
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 The formatter programs are described in groff(1) and 
 troff(1); a complete of all predefined glyph names 
-can be found in __ groff_char__ (7). 
+can be found in groff_char(7). 
 The classical ''troff'' documentation is available 
 on-line at 
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