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+NOTE: gdmflexiserver is under chapter 8 in Debian  
-undocumented - No manpage for this program, utility or function.  
-This __program, utility__ or __function__ does not  
-have a useful manpage. Please do __not__ report this as a  
-bug , because this has already been reported as a bug; when a  
-manpage becomes available it will be included, and the bug  
-report closed __''  
-''contact__ the __package maintainer__ in order  
-to avoid several people working on the same  
+ gdmflexiserver - start a GDM session using the GDM flexible server  
+ mechanism , or in Xnest  
+ gdmflexiserver GNOME options gdmflexiserver options  
-Try the following options if you want more  
+ The flexi server mechanism allows to run GDM sessions on demand, in a  
+ new virtual console. The administrator can define multiple server con-  
+ figurations, using alternate X servers, or different options, in the  
+ gdm.conf file, and gdmflexiserver will present you with a menu, where  
+ you will be asked to choose between those server configurations marked  
+ with flexible=true
+ Alternatively, the --xnest option allows you to run a new session in an  
+ Xnest(1) window.  
-foo --help , foo -h, foo -?  
+ In addition to the common Gtk and GNOME options , gdmflexiserver accepts  
+ the following options:  
+ -c command, --command=command  
+ Send the specified protocol command to gdm  
-info foo  
+ -n, --xnest  
+ Xnest mode  
+ -l, --no-lock  
+ Do not lock current screen  
-whatis foo , apropos foo  
+ -d , --debug  
+ Debugging output  
+ -a, --authenticate  
+ Authenticate before running --command  
-check directories /usr/share/doc/foo,  
-dpkg --listfiles foo, dpkg --search foo  
-locate '*foo*'  
-find / -name '*foo*'  
-The documentation might be in a package starting with the  
-same name as the package the software belongs to, but ending  
-with -doc or -docs.  
-If you still didn't find the information you are looking for  
-you might consider posting a call for help to  
-!! SEE ALSO  
-info (1 ), whatis (1), apropos(1),  
-dpkg(1), locate(1), find(1),  
-updatedb(1), undocumented(2 ).  
+ gdm (8 ), Xnest (1). 
+ gdmflexiserver is part of the GDM software package, which is part of  
+ the GNOME project. This manpage was written by Yann Dirson <dir-  
+> for the Debian system, but may be used by others.  
-Erick Branderhorst  
-Kai Henningsen, Ian Jackson, David H . Silber, Carl  
--- -- 
+GNOME 2 .4 2004 -03 -04 !GDMFLEXISERVER(1)  
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