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 e2fsck - check a Linux second extended file system 
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 handy way to save the output of __e2fsck__ to a 
-It is also useful to send the output of __ dumpe2fs__ (8). 
+It is also useful to send the output of dumpe2fs(8). 
 If a specific inode or inodes seems to be giving 
 __e2fsck__ trouble, try running the debugfs(8) 
 command and send the output of the stat(1u) command 
 run on the relevant inode(s). If the inode is a directory, 
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 This version of __e2fsck__ was written by Theodore Ts'o 
-__ mke2fs__ (8), __ tune2fs__ (8), __ dumpe2fs__ (8), 
+mke2fs(8), tune2fs(8), dumpe2fs(8), 
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