This program is not documented by the authors so Debian uses undocumented(2) for it. It doesn't appear to be very successful program either. It is very similar to dvips(1) (which works nicely) except that it appears to ignore any configuration that dvips(1) may have. From the script
  1. This script prints a dvi file using dvips regardless of the actual
  2. configuration of dvips.

In particular it references /usr/lib/texmf/dvips which is presumably where the dvips(1) configuration was once upon a time. It's certainly not there on my vanilla install boxes. Probably should be /etc/texmf/dvips.

However, someone somewhere seems to have packaged it with a useful manpage:


dviprint - dvipsR wrapper for LyX


dviprint [<dvips arguments>?


dviprint is a wrapper around dvips(1) that adjusts the destination file and printer arguments (-o and -P) to handle variations in install configurations (e. g., whether dvips sends its output directly to a printer or writes to a file). It is part of the Debian packaging of the LyX editor.


dvips(1), lyx(1)

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