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 The usual case where the server-identifier statement needs to be sent is when a physical interface has more than one IP address, and the one being sent by default isn't appropriate for some or all clients served by that interface. Another common case is when an alias is defined for the purpose of having a consistent IP address for the DHCP server, and it is desired that the clients use this IP address when contacting the server. 
 Supplying a value for the dhcp-server-identifier option is equivalent to using the server-identifier statement. 
+Users can disable the DNS update feature in dhcpd by adding the following lines to the dhcpd configuration file:  
+ ddns-update-style none;  
+ ddns-updates off;  
 DHCP option statements are documented in the dhcp-options(5) manual page. 
-dhcpd(8), dhcpd.leases(5), RFC2132 , RFC2131
+dhcpd(8), dhcpd.leases(5), RFC:2132 , RFC:2131
 dhcpd(8), which uses the configuration file described in this man page, was written by Ted Lemon <> under a contract with Vixie Labs. Funding for this project was provided by the Internet Software Corporation. Information about the Internet Software Consortium can be found at 
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