default.session - GNOME Default session configuration file.


The ${prefix}/share/gnome/default.session file contains a list of programs to be launched the first time a user logs into the GNOME environment.

The format of the file is the one used by the gnome_config libraries, and it looks like this:

[Section? SEQID,id=uniqueID SEQID,Priority=PRIO SEQID,!RestartCommand?=command num_clients=TOP There are three possible names for Section And they are:


This specifies the Default session to load


Lets the user configure which non-session aware programs should be started up when the session begins


Since the gnome_config file format is not very flexible, an array of data is emulated by listing starting from 0 chunks of num_clients'' variable lists the number of chunks listed.

The uniqueid key provides a name that is unique within this file and passed to the app as the client id which it must use to register with gnome-session.

The !RestartCommand? specifies the command to run from the $PATH.

The Priority determines the order in which the commands are started (with Priority = 0 first) and defaults to 50.

The clients must be numbered from 0 to the value of num_clients-1

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