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 followed by an equals then by the string. 
+__ v=2.1*,o=Debian,c=main__%%%  
+__ l=Debian__%%%  
+__ a=stable__%%%  
 The data for these matches are taken from the ''Release'' files that APT downloads during an update. The available keys are: 
 __a= Archive__ 
@@ -192,11 +194,13 @@
 A package pin looks like this: 
-Package: apt  
-Pin: version .4.  
-Pin-Priority: 1001 
+__ Package: apt__%%%  
+__ Pin: version .4.__%%%  
+__ Pin-Priority: 1001__%%%  
 The first line specifies the package, the second gives the Pin specification and the last gives the priority of this pin. The first word of the pin specification may be version, release or origin, the remainder of the field is described in the Versioning section above. 
 A default pin is how the priorities of package files are 
@@ -205,11 +209,12 @@
 file. Only release or origin may be used in the Pin 
 specification since they match Packages files. 
-Package: *  
-Pin: release v=2.1*  
-Pin-Priority: 998 
+__ Package: *__%%%  
+__ Pin: release v=2.1*__%%%  
+__ Pin-Priority: 998__%%%  
 If the Pin-Priority field is omitted then the priority defaults to 989 for both cases. 
@@ -225,9 +230,9 @@
 In practice this is often desired. A user may use a default 
 pin to make the stable distribution the default and then use 
-the __--target-dist__ option with __ apt-get__ (8) to 
+the __--target-dist__ option with apt-get(8) to 
 select newer versions from unstable. The packages that have 
 been upgraded to unstable will continue to follow the 
 versions that are available in unstable since the stable 
 versions now fall below the downgrade prevention 
@@ -246,16 +251,16 @@
 priority larger than 1000. 
-__ apt-cache__ (8) ''apt.conf''(5) 
+apt-cache(8) ''apt.conf''(5) 
 See the APT bug page 
-/usr/share/doc/debian/bug-reporting.txt'' or the 
+'' /usr/share/doc/debian/bug-reporting.txt'' or the 
 bug(1) command. 
 APT was written by the APT team 
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