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 apropos - search the manual page names and descriptions 
+__ (1) __ Does __apropos__ always come up with nothing, or show you so many TCL functions you can't find the Unix commands? You can use the ''/usr/sbin/makewhatis'' script to create or modify the database that __apropos__ reads. See MakeWhatIs.  
+__ (2) __ Apropos actually searches using grep(1) RegularExpressions. This can be helpful to remember sometimes. For example, if you try this __apropos__ search:  
+ apropos C  
+you are not going to be shown all the [C] related commands, you are going to be shown every man page with the letter C in it. This will give you more sensible results:  
+ apropos '\bC\b'  
+(__\b__ is the grep symbol for "word boundary". The single quotes prevent the shell from misinterpreting any grep symbols as commands to it.)  
 __apropos__ [[__-dhV__] [[__-e__|__-w__|__-r__] 
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