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 All the main FedoraRepositories support [Yum]; RedHat staff and other distributors who want to easily make packages available tend to use it instead of [APT]. 
 Some users find that it does not work as well as advertised; see f.ex. [Fedora and the repository politics |]. Of course, [YMMV]. 
+There is now a nice front end for [Yum] if you use FedoraCore 4 or higher called yumex. To install just type  
+<pre>yum install yumex  
+Also a note if upgrading from FedoraCore 3 to 4 and your yum breaks go back to a default yum.conf file as most repositories do not yet work for FedoraCore 4.  
 !! Overview of [Yum] commands 
 ''Taken from the [Fedora Wiki|].''