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 ''/etc/X11/Xsession.options'' contains a set of flags 
 that determine some of the behavior of the 
-__ Xsession__ (5) Bourne shell (sh(1)) script. See  
-the __ Xsession__ (5) manpage for further 
+Xsession(5) Bourne shell (sh(1)) script. See  
+the Xsession(5) manpage for further 
 ''Xsession.options'' may contain comments, which begin 
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 If the 
 Xsession'' script, an emergency X session is invoked, 
-consisting of only an __ x-terminal-emulator__ (1) in the 
+consisting of only an x-terminal-emulator(1) in the 
 upper-left hand corner of the screen. No window manager is 
 started. If an x-terminal-emulator is not available, the 
 session exits immediately. 
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 If users have an executable file called ''.Xsession'' in 
 their home directories, it is used as the startup program 
-for the X session (see __ Xsession__ (5)). If the file is 
+for the X session (see Xsession(5)). If the file is 
 present not executable, it is still used, but assumed to be 
 a Bourne shell script, and executed with 
-If the __ ssh-agent__ (1) program is available no agent 
+If the ssh-agent(1) program is available no agent 
 process appears to be running already, the X session will be 
 invoked by exec'ing __ssh-agent__ with the startup 
 command, instead of the startup command 
 Additional options may be supported by the local 
-administrator. See __ Xsession__ (5) for how this is 
+administrator. See Xsession(5) for how this is 
-__ Xsession__ (5), __ssh-agent__(1),  
-__ x-terminal-emulator__ (1) 
+Xsession(5), __ssh-agent__(1),  
 This manpage was written by Branden Robinson for Debian 
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