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 xdm(1). (Some display managers only invoke 
 ''Xsession'' when specifically directed to so by the 
 user; see the documentation for your display manager to find 
 out more.) Administrators unfamilar with the Bourne shell 
-will likely find the __ Xsession.options__ (5) 
+will likely find the Xsession.options(5) 
 configuration file easier to deal with than ''Xsession'' 
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 ''Xsession'' next confirms that its script directory, 
 ''Xsession.d'', exists. If it does not, the script 
 aborts. After the script directory is confirmed to be 
 present, ''Xsession'' uses an internal implementation of 
-__ run-parts__ (1) to identify files in that directory that 
+run-parts(1) to identify files in that directory that 
 should be sourced (executed) in the shell's environment. 
 Only files named in a certain way are sourced; see the 
-__ run-parts__ (1) manual page for a description of valid 
+run-parts(1) manual page for a description of valid 
 characters in the filename. (This restriction enables the 
 administrator to move experimental or problematic files out 
 of the way of the script but keep them in an obvious place, 
 for instance by renaming them with 
@@ -124,9 +124,9 @@
 1) Argument processing. Arguments are processed as described 
-2) Merging of X resources. __ run-parts__ (1) is again 
+2) Merging of X resources. run-parts(1) is again 
 used, this time to identify files in the 
 ''/etc/X11/Xresources'' directory that should be 
 processed with 
 ''Xsession.options'', the user's ''$HOME/.Xresources'' 
@@ -153,9 +153,9 @@
 4) Start ssh-agent, if needed. If the line 
 Xsession.options'', and no ssh agent process appears to 
-be running already, __ ssh-agent__ (1) is marked to be used 
+be running already, ssh-agent(1) is marked to be used 
 to execute the startup program determined previously. 
 ''Note: this functionality may move to the ssh package in 
 the future.'' 
@@ -188,9 +188,9 @@
 * an underscore 
 * a description of the script's basic function, using only 
-characters allowed by __ run-parts__ (1). 
+characters allowed by run-parts(1). 
 Here is an example of how one might write a script, named 
 ''40custom_load-xmodmap'', to invoke 
@@ -292,9 +292,9 @@
 is a directory containing Bourne shell scripts to be 
 executed by ''Xsession''. Files in this directory are 
-matched using __ run-parts__ (1) and are __source__d, 
+matched using run-parts(1) and are __source__d, 
 not executed in a subshell. 
@@ -304,17 +304,17 @@
 package names, each of which contains system-wide X resource 
 settings for X clients from the corresponding package. The 
 settings are loaded with __xrdb -merge__. Files in this 
 directory are matched using 
-__ run-parts__ (1). 
 contains configuration options for the 
 ''/etc/X11/Xsession'' script. See 
-__ Xsession.options__ (5) for more 
+Xsession.options(5) for more 
@@ -356,10 +356,10 @@
 is provided by tempfile(1). 
-__ Xsession.options__ (5), __X__(1),  
-__ run-parts__ (1), __ssh-agent__(1), startx(1), 
+Xsession.options(5), __X__(1),  
+run-parts(1), __ssh-agent__(1), startx(1), 
 tempfile(1), xdm(1), xmodmap(1), 
 xrdb(1), sh(1) 
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