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+!! Deprecated  
+Much of this is now deprecated as the old WlugBladeServer setup has been moved away from.  
 This page described how Hoiho, the WlugServer, was set up, back when it was just one machine. There are now five blades, described on the WlugBladeServer page. This page is almost, but not quite obsolete. It was created by the WlugSysadmins. 
 !! Membership management 
 WLUG membership details are entered into an [LDAP] database. Use the scripts in <tt></tt> for adding/updating/expiring members. 
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 See also: WlugMailNotes 
 !! Backups 
-A script backs up the [wiki database here|http://www], and JohnMcPherson copies them down to his home machine. 
+A script backs up the [wiki database here|http://wiki], and JohnMcPherson copies them down to his home machine. 
 !! Other 
 The WlugWiki, NameServer, Library webapp, [PAM] setups documented in <tt>hoiho:/usr/local/doc</tt>