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-[Slackware]'s PackageManagementTool .%%%  
-Basically just a TarBall with a desciption and postinstall script.%%%  
-Can be enhanced with [swaret |] which works much like [Debian]'s [APT] system. 
+[Slackware]'s PackageManagement format .  
+These are simply [ TarBall]s of the software, to be extracted in the filesystem root. They contain a desciption and postinstall script in __/install__, which are removed after successful installation. It doesn't get any more bare bones .  
+A large repository of [Slackware] packages is available at [].  
+You can use [swaret |] or [Slapt-Get |] to achieve dependency handling on [Slackware] much the way [Debian]'s [APT] system works