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1 StuartYeates 1 The concept that broad classes of things suck.
3 StuartYeates 3 # [Hardware] sucks. The semi-mythical [PDP11] was rumoured to suck only slightly, but everything more recent sucks noticibly. Because suckage of a system is proportional to the sum of the suckage of it's parts to the power of the number of parts, modern systems built of many subsystems and sub-subsystems are very sucky.
2 StuartYeates 4 # [ProgrammingLanguage]s suck. MachineLanguage sucks in direct proportion to the underlying hardware. Every layer above the MachineLanguage increases the suckage factorially. For this reason, never point a [CompilerCompiler] running on a [VirtualMachine] (see [JavaCC]) at the moon or risk peturbing it's orbit.
3 StuartYeates 5 # [Software] sucks. Partly because it is written in a [ProgrammingLanguage], partly because it is configured and used by [Wetware].
2 StuartYeates 6 # [Wetware] sucks. [Luser]s' suckage is a combination of their innate suckage and the suckage of the hardware and software they use. Of course, their innate suckage leads to a preferance for very suck hardware and software, which doesn't help.
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8 See also news://alt.sysadmin.recovery/