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SDLKey- SDL Keysym Definitions

SDL Keysym definitions

SDLKey ASCII value Common Name

SDLK_BACKSPACE 'b' backspace SDLK_TAB 't' tab SDLK_CLEAR clear SDLK_RETURN 'r' return SDLK_PAUSE pause SDLK_ESCAPE '^[[' escape SDLK_SPACE ' ' space SDLK_EXCLAIM '!' exclaim SDLK_QUOTEDBL '

SDL modifier definitions

SDL Modifier Meaning

KMOD_NONE No modifiers applicable KMOD_NUM Numlock is down KMOD_CAPS Capslock is down KMOD_LCTRL Left Control is down KMOD_RCTRL Right Control is down KMOD_RSHIFT Right Shift is down KMOD_LSHIFT Left Shift is down KMOD_RALT Right Alt is down KMOD_LALT Left Alt is down KMOD_CTRL A Control key is down KMOD_SHIFT A Shift key is down KMOD_ALT An Alt key is down

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