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I figured the Wiki would be better for getting a useful response to these for "DrWho?" I've attempted to reformulate the questions to get at what I thought was actually being asked.

NOTE: I'm far too lazy to be actually answer them, and I don't use a "normal" setup, so my answers would be less than useful :) (plus, I'm on FreeBSD ;)

Q: Ok so how do I find com1 on Linux?

Reformulation: What do I need to know about serial ports in Linux? Is there an equivalent to "com1" from DOS/Windows?

Q: Where is the control pannel too find what com port my modem is connected too?

Reformulation: How do I find out what serial port my modem is connected to?

Q: Where is the dial-up networking icon?

Reformulation: How do I configure and use some sort of dial up network?

Q: I click on an mp3 file and it does not play?

Reformulation: How do I play mp3's? Can I make them play from some sort of file manager?

Q: Where is explorer?

Reformulation: How do I manage my files (using a GUI)?

Q: Where is OutLook??

Reformulation: What programs are there offering similar functionality to MS Outlook?

Q: Where is ScanDisk? and Defrag?

Reformulation: Do I need to defragment my filesystems? How about checking for and correcting errors?

Q: Where is the anivirus software?

Q: Where is the network nieghborhood?

Reformulation: How do I interact with an MS Windows network?

Q: Where is the file / print sharing?

Reformulation: How do I make my files and printers available over a network?

Q: Where is My Documents?

Reformulation: Where would my documents normally be stored?

Q: Where is Program Files?

Reformulation: Where do my applications get installed to?

Q: I plug my scanner / printer into the USB port, but the new hardware window does not pop up.

Reformulation: How do I setup new hardware (in particular USB)? Is it possibly to do this automatically when the device is plugged in?

Q: I go too the scanner / printer / modem / whatever web site and there are no drivers for linux, so where do I find them?

Reformulation: How do I work with various types of hardware? Do I need special software from the manufacturer?

Q: Where is my scanners TWAIN driver?

Reformulation: No idea... how about "How do I scan things?"

Q: I put the install disk into my PC with 256Mb of RAM, but it wont run the installer as it says I only have 64MB of RAM?????

Reformulation: Why won't it detect more than 64Mb of RAM?

Q: The setup program asks me what monitor I have and its not listed so what do I do?? I have drivers for windows can I use some info from them?

Reformulation: How do I get my screen going with XFree86?

Q: I start my computer in Linux, where is my windows partiton?

Reformulation: How do I access Windows filesystems from Linux?

Q: Where is my print queue?

Reformulation: How do I manage printing?

Q: Where is the add / remove programs?

Reformulation: How do I install and remove software?

Q: I have jetstream with an internal modem, where is the PPPoA in Linux? How do I configure Linux for PPPoA?

Q: I have Win2K / XP installed and the setup program warns me it does not support NTFS???

Reformulation: Are there any problems with reading NTFS file systems? And how do I do it?

Q: What the hell is a partition? how do I make it?

Q: What the hell is /usr/var/....????

Q: Where is notepad! and edit!

Reformulation: Are there simple graphical and console mode text editors?

Q: Where is the CD writing software?

Reformulation: How do I burn CDs?

Q: What is all the crap that scrolls as Linux is starting, is it error messages??

Q: What the hell is a bad super block?

Q: How do I back-up my files?

Q: How much disk space do I have free, what the hell is a block??

Q: What on earth is a dependency? where do I find it as lots of things complain about it when I try too install something.

Q: The biggy :- I ring my ISP as I am having problems connecting too the internet and when I tell them I am using Linux they tell me they do not support Linux, have you thought about using Windows? as we do support that.

Reformulation: I can't get things working, where do I go for help?