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 !!![SFD Advocacy Event|MeetingTopics.2006-09-16] Planning Page 
-''One sentence please''  
 Publicise and demonstrate open source to members of the Waikato public, encouraging them (depending on their interest) to take some home and try on their current platform, to experiment with a Linux live-CD, or to become aware of issues surrounding copyright and how it affects OSS. 
 !Things to do: 
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 * Laptops - IBM [Slaptop|] 
 * Check IT Partners can provide monitors 
 * Posters 
 * PC stands - better than on tables? 
-* Guy in Penguin suit? 
+* Guy in Penguin suit? (CairoKingsbury is happy to spend a few hours in a penguin suit handing out flyers and CD's. She'll probably stay all day if she can play supertux and ppracer)  
 !Things to give away? 
 * CDs - SFD to provide some