Kyle's notes from WLUG AGM #1, 28/01/02

Need to work out donations of some type to radio club for use of rooms.

need to work out internet connection. Trying for free golive connection.

I will look to see if i can find a system to donate to run as a router for the net connection.

Meetings possibly every 4th monday of the month, to make easier to keep track of.

2002 meetings to be a short presentation on anything, recent packages etc, then hands-on. this way everyone can present something whether it just be how you use linux in your network/ home / business etc.

Other ideas

Another idea that cropped up during the discussions on IRC was something to do with X basics. Basically things like:

  • How to change WMs/desktop environments && how to set these as defaults
  • how to setup a scrollmouse
  • how to get X to not start on boot
  • various tricks to do with startx & similar
  • some basic errors & how to fix, or where to go for troubleshooting help

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