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-[LinuxMCE] is the only all -in-one open source solution that seamlessly combines
+[LinuxMCE | ] is a LinuxDistribution built on [Kubuntu], which provides a simple integrated appliance -like [GUI] for
- Media & entertainment with a server for music and video, plus a PVR (like TiVo or Sky+)  
- Home automation to control everything from lights to heating with a touch-screen tablet or your mobile phone  
-•Phone system with video conferencing  
-•Security system that feeds live video to your mobile device during a security breach  
-LinuxMCE builds on the superior networking capabilities of Linux to create a home automation/multimedia/communication network. No other operating system has this capability.  
-See for details and a copy of the installation ISO's  
+* Media server with integrated MediaPlayer and [ PVR]  
+* Home automation  
+* [VoiceOverIP] plus video conferencing  
+* Home surveillance system