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-[Acronym] for the __K__ __D__esktop __E__nvironment. (Like K-RAD, but a desktop, not a uh, RAD)
+An [Acronym] for __K__ DesktopEnvironment
-This DesktopEnvironment is one of the two most popular for Linux. (The other is [GNOME ].)  
+[KDE] and [GNOME] are the two most popular [DesktopEnvironment]s for [Linux ]. 
-Often used because it is easy to configure, and can look similar to windows by default. Great for newbies and highly configureable by those more advanced. A bit too much eye candy for some , perhaps
+[KDE] is currently at version 3.5. It is easy to configure, and can look similar to MicrosoftWindows by default. Beginners can easily get around, while more advanced users can customize it extensively . It is also heavy on EyeCandy and considered as even more [Bloat]ed than [GNOME]. European [LinuxDistribution]s tend to prefer [KDE] , while American ones often go with [GNOME] instead
-KDE has recently hit version 3.1 (it must be better than Gnome, it has a higher version number!). It uses TrollTech's [Qt] widget library
+[ KDE] is based on TrollTech's [Qt] ToolKit
-!!! KDE Hints  
-!! Removing the stupid dragon from KDE's Logout window  
-When you logout from KDE you will see a cute cartoon of a dragon in the logout window. It is called [Konqi|http ://]. After your 100th logout Konqi will no longer be cute. The dragon cartoon is stored in a [PNG ] file called __shutdownkonq.png__ which can be overwritten with anything you like. (Pictures with transparent backgrounds will look the best.) This file is found in the directory __/usr/X11R6/share/apps/ksmserver/pics/__ on RedHat and in __/usr/share/apps/ksmserver/pics/__ on [Mandrake].  
-''(I almost forgot: IsomerMadeMeDoThis.)''  
-!! AddToMe  
+See also : [KDENotes