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 Therefore [C++] is more and more being used for smaller applications targeting a specific environment where split second timing and the amount of space used are critical. [Java] is used mostly for large scale applications which are able to run in many different environments and where extensibility and long term maintainability are critical. 
 !!! [C++] features: 
 * [Template]s 
 * Near compatibility with [C] 
 * Multiple inheritance 
 * Many features designed to have zero overhead if not used 
 * Manual memory management 
-* #include 
+* <tt> #include</tt>  
 !!! [Java] features: 
 * [Template]s / PolymorphicTypes 
-* Single inheritance but with [ Interfaces]  
+* Single inheritance but with Interfaces 
 * Comprehensive and standardised [Networking|Category:Networking], [GUI] and DataBase libraries 
-* Native [Threading] support 
+* Native [Threading|MultiThreaded ] support 
 * Native [Unicode] support 
 * GarbageCollection 
-* import 
+* <tt> import</tt>