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 A name for a system with a [Linux] as the [Kernel] and [GNU] as the UserSpace utilities and applications. 
 The hybrid nature is a product of the fact that [GNU]'s TheHurd isn't yet production grade and [Linux] doesn't come with (m)any UserSpace utilities and applications. 
+However, neither the [XServer] and corresponding applications nowadays expected on a workstation nor [Apache], SendMail/[Qmail]/[Postfix]/[Exim], [Samba], and other daemons required to run a server are written by the [GNU] project. Since the [GNU] utilities only make up a fraction of the UserSpace code required for any modern system the legitimacy of the "[GNU/Linux]" term has been questioned as arbitrary: one might ask why a system running the [Apache] WebServer isn't called [ASF]/[GNU]/[Linux].