Made by D-Link.

Very good Ethernet ADSL Modem,

Ethernet Modem?? you say. yes!

This wonderful piece of gadgetry uses a type of DHCP spoofing to pass the external IP address allocated to you to your internal ethernet interface. It does this by binding itself to the MAC address of your NIC

These use a framed web page to configure them, so if your linux box is text mode only then you will need to stick the NIC into a windows machine, configure it, then pop the NIC back into your linux box.

I have 1 at home and have sold 2 others that are all working flawlessly under linux on Jetstart, Jetstream and Tempest256 connections.

Watch out for the D-Link DSL-302G. This is advertised as a "combo modem", and, at first glance, appears to be the next generation of the DSL-300+. However, this is not the case. When they say "combo modem", they really mean router. It provides USB and Ethernet connections (and allows both to be used at once). It's a very nice little device (much nicer than my Nokia M1122)--all of the many configuration options are accessible via the web interface, and the online help is excellent.

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